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“Arrive As A Stranger……Leave As A Friend”



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Las Colinas RV Resort Rates

“Arrive As A Stranger……Leave As A Friend”

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Las Colinas RV Park.
We offer our guests the feeling of a small, friendly community—at an affordable price. Your enjoyment, health and happiness are the priorities of our staff.
The finest RV Park in the valley of the sun…….Your home away from home!

Pet Rules

We enjoy having you here & hope your stay will be pleasant for both your & your pet. The following rules apply to all pets in the park, without exception.

  1. No more than 2 pets are allowed per unit subject to management approval. Aggressive breeds are not allowed.
  2. ALL pets must be on a leash & under control when outside your unit.  
  3. Under no circumstances may you tie a pet outside your unit & leave it unattended. You must be with your pet at all times when it is outside.
  4. Due to health & sanitation laws your pet is NOT allowed in any public buildings, the pool area, or any of the landscaped areas of the park, including the Oleanders.
  5. Pets must be taken to the desert outside the park or to one of the 2 designated dog areas to do their business. One is located at the northeast corner of the park & the other is at the southwest corner. Bags & cans are provided at these 2 areas as well as 3 cans & bags along the north perimeter of the park. Please pick up there as well because other people have to walk in the desert.
  6. Do not let your pet out of your unit unattended during the night or early morning hours to do their ‘duty’.  Pets must be kept inside during quiet hours, 10 PM to 8 AM.
  7. Vicious & noisy pets will not be allowed in the park. Management reserves the right to refuse any pet they feel is not suitable for the park.
  8. Resort Pet fee 5.00 per monthly(non-refundable)
    Pet deposit of $10.00 Monthly per pet (refunded if without incident)


  1.  Written warning
  2.  $20.00 fine
  3.  If no resolution is made the resident will be asked to leave the park. There will be no refund of pet deposit or rent.



Oasis in the Desert!